ID-10: VIN 1-1035944

CoupeYear: 1955

thumb_10_vin1035944.jpg Right Rear

VIN Number: 1-1035944
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 1056
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: 1037
Engine Number: 1249056
Date_of_Manufacture: 21 dec 1955
Current Location: Waterloo, IA
Body Color: L41 Black
Roof Color: L41 Black

Full Description: Dry storage since 1967. Bought in 1991 and drove it home. Grey interior. Highly original.

M18--larger reflectors in brake/indicator light
M20--Speedometer in miles
M128--Tires with white side wall
M138--Sealed beam headlight, red taillights
M950--laminated glass windshield

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Listed by: ekuna

Info: I own one of the 1955 cars on this site.