Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-12: VIN 1-1043378

CoupeYear: 1955

Old picture of the car from the former owner.
thumb_12_vin1043378.jpg thumb_12_vin1043378~2.jpg thumb_12_vin1043378~3.jpg thumb_12_vin1043378~4.jpg
thumb_12_vin1043378~5.jpg thumb_12_vin1043378~7.jpg thumb_12_vin1043378~9.jpg thumb_12_387770.jpg
thumb_12_376749.jpg thumb_12_2004_0101image0004low.jpg thumb_12_bums2low.jpg thumb_12_steel18samba.jpg
thumb_12_steel30samba.jpg thumb_12_primer1samba.jpg thumb_12_primer12samba.jpg thumb_12_primer15samba.jpg
thumb_12_2004_0101image0003samba.jpg thumb_12_2004_0101image0002samba.jpg

VIN Number: 1-1043378
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 1069
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: 1091
Date_of_Manufacture: 22 dec 1955
Original Destination: Germany
Current Location: Denmark
Body Color: White
Roof Color: White

Full Description: Car was found in a barn in southern Denmark in august 2007. It is belived to be the oldest Karmann-Ghia i Denmark. The car only had 4 privious owners before it was pulled out of the barn.

Delivered new to the dealership Müller in Hannover, Germany. First private owner got it on the 29. december 1955.

In december 1956 it came to Denmark.

VW AG does not have any info on engineno. or bodycoulour anymore. The only extra option on the car was M018: Larger reflector in brake / indicator light. Removing the white paint indicates, that the car originally was L41 Black.

The bumpers are not onepiece units and the overriders are not closed on the back. So they are not original and were changed at some point.

In the 1960´s the car was restored with newer Karmann-Ghia parts and got the white paintjob.

Car is now being restored back to its former glory.

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