Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-153: April 57 totof's coupé

CoupeYear: 1957

thumb_153_img610310.jpg thumb_153_tablieravg10.jpg thumb_153_preteapartirard10.jpg thumb_153_tbd210.jpg
thumb_153_5carfrontended_s.jpg thumb_153_13themoonsceneoldrix.jpg thumb_153_6pcard_2.jpg thumb_153_1avgflash_small.jpg
thumb_153_4fullavant_s.jpg thumb_153_7coinaileavdfini_s.jpg thumb_153_8fermeturedaileavg_s.jpg thumb_153_9bonnetavg_s.jpg
thumb_153_10conduitairavgmedian_s.jpg thumb_153_12bcoinarddelinterieur_s.jpg thumb_153_11quartar410.jpg thumb_153_18cotgfini10.jpg
thumb_153_14apreschangementlongerons_s.jpg thumb_153_16rearaprond_s.jpg thumb_153_17introueavd_s.jpg thumb_153_18coinard_s.jpg
thumb_153_19portedbrutedefixation_s.jpg thumb_153_p919453410.jpg thumb_153_p919452710.jpg thumb_153_p919453010.jpg
thumb_153_37chassispeintavd_2.jpg thumb_153_pb304846.jpg thumb_153_p1185055s.jpg thumb_153_p1195060s.jpg
thumb_153_p1255062s.jpg thumb_153_the4thswflash_2.jpg thumb_153_pa184736.jpg thumb_153_pa184733_2.jpg
thumb_153_pa184740_2.jpg thumb_153_pa134713.jpg thumb_153_pb114767.jpg thumb_153_pb114773.jpg
thumb_153_pc234963s.jpg thumb_153_img588010.jpg thumb_153_p1010043s.jpg thumb_153_siege.jpg
thumb_153_panneaux.jpg thumb_153_departmaisonar.jpg thumb_153_retourmaisonar.jpg thumb_153_departmaisonav.jpg
thumb_153_retourmaisonav.jpg thumb_153_p1010001s.jpg thumb_153_sdc13043b.jpg thumb_153_duo.jpg
thumb_153_img608810.jpg thumb_153_img609110.jpg thumb_153_img579410.jpg thumb_153_img618310.jpg
thumb_153_img617210.jpg thumb_153_img616710.jpg thumb_153_img212010.jpg thumb_153_img616010.jpg
thumb_153_img619210.jpg thumb_153_img619010.jpg thumb_153_img618910.jpg thumb_153_sdc13187b10.jpg
thumb_153_img617110.jpg thumb_153_moteurdepose10.jpg thumb_153_demontagecestsuper210.jpg thumb_153_p930461410.jpg
thumb_153_img129410.jpg thumb_153_img200510.jpg thumb_153_epaveplancher10.jpg thumb_153_poubelle10.jpg

VIN Number: 1510153
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 17384
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: 17342
Engine Number: 1158420
Date_of_Manufacture: April 23rd 57'
Original Destination: Germany
Current Location: France
Body Color: L76/brownish beige
Roof Color: L76/brownish beige

Full Description: Discovered in may 2003 in Germany. Stored as a wreck but bought as a lover ;-) through a nice friend of mine, definitelly this car were save from a most probable death.

Today, regular French registration title <3...

Many years gathering parts. ONLY originals (NOS, second hand, from donours R.I.P Ghia) from all over the world. Met very very nice guys... Known a lot in the meantime ...

Restoration COMPLETED totally. Starting about 6 1/2 years ago !
Officially street legal Dec 11th 2009 after about 30 years barned !

Ready to enjoy now...

Original engine 1813910 (missing). A sept. 55 ( ;) ) is nicely replacing now. "OLDSPEED" appearance. dual 28PCI, Rethwish linkage and single port manifolds. Whoua...this kit is quite...humm I'd say 'simplistic' but so cool after slightly engineering it !

Interior: Originals materials choosen, matching body color combos. WCCR made (VERY nice job). Seat frames totally restored and painted peripheral color matching (Silver beige). Electrical: Dehne gas gauge + FULL VDO original set (amps, press, temp). Rims: Original Lemmerz 4.5" front and 5.5" rear...
A CSP/AVIS kit on front beam (nothing more out of original).

A Tachometer (Fully NHS rebuilt) is nicely replacing (and operating) @ original clock place.

Original car color were trout blue (L330) but not elected... I fell in love with an original VW brownish color (barndoor type2 roof part portfolio)..

P.S: Anyone may still have its original VIN plate# 1510153, please tell.. we can find a quick and easy arrangement!Thanks!!

drop me a mail @:

BTW: Still 6V operating ! The one who could see any difference with 12V, please argue me !
Power = Supply x amps... For same power, the half supply you have (12V to 6V), the double amps you need ! Indeed, very performant wiring is mandatory at that point... Mine is brand new!

A BIG BIG thanks to my friend Mike Gregory !!

Nickname: "CHOCOLIGHT" (from my dear friends)

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