Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-247: VIN 2312312

CoupeYear: 1959

thumb_247_38020125.jpg thumb_247_59_ghia_039_medium_.jpg thumb_247_38020126.jpg thumb_247_38020127.jpg
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thumb_247_38020158.jpg thumb_247_38020159.jpg thumb_247_38020160.jpg thumb_247_38020163.jpg
thumb_247_38020164.jpg thumb_247_38020166.jpg thumb_247_38020167.jpg thumb_247_38020168.jpg
thumb_247_38020173.jpg thumb_247_38020174.jpg thumb_247_38020175.jpg thumb_247_38020176.jpg
thumb_247_38020177.jpg thumb_247_38020179.jpg thumb_247_38020180.jpg thumb_247_38020181.jpg
thumb_247_38020182.jpg thumb_247_38020183.jpg thumb_247_38020184.jpg

VIN Number: 2312312
Original Destination: USA
Current Location: USA
Body Color: Dolphin Blue
Roof Color: Dolphin Blue

Full Description: Sold for a record prize of $45.000 by Scott Dempster to a Japanese collector

This is possibly the most original 1959 Karmann Ghia in the World. Purchased in Albuquerque (cool and dry mountain climate of New Mexico) in 1959 from Porsche Volkswagen Imported Motors Inc (yes that is the original dealer sticker on the bumper) by the original owner for his wife. Shortly after she had a stroke and could no longer drive a stick shift. So he would take her out on the weekends in her Karmann Ghia. From 1959 until I acquired the car in 1991 the car was driven just over 29,000 miles. As the owner of Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration, I had an extensive collection of NOS parts I used during the very minimal restoration of this car into original show room condition. (Front seats, healiner and one bumper bow -rechromed- are only non original, but nicely matched items). This was 8 years ago. All other chrome is original (see original dealer sticker on rear bumper) or NOS except one bumper Tube (Bow). The interior is untouched except for the front seats and headliner. Original German dimple leatherette was used with correct size welt. All K-Max bolts, spark plug wires, fan belt, cooper ground strap, trunk cardboard and too much to list becasue this car is so original and/or unrestored. This car was shown at the Sacramento Bug-O-Rama and won "Most Original" of show. Featured in Hot VWs about 7 years ago and just last summer in Ultra VW in the UK.. In 2005 I was at the Karmann Ghia 50th anniversary in Osnebrueck and saw the only other 50s ghia (a convertible) that was as original as this one.

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