Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-253: Noah's Ark

CoupeYear: 1956

thumb_253_barn1.jpg thumb_253_barn2.jpg thumb_253_barn3.jpg thumb_253_barn4.jpg
thumb_253_barn5.jpg thumb_253_barnrear.jpg thumb_253_enginebay.jpg thumb_253_engineclean.jpg
thumb_253_firstwash.jpg thumb_253_home1.jpg thumb_253_home2.jpg thumb_253_homerear.jpg
thumb_253_interior1.jpg thumb_253_interior2.jpg thumb_253_tranny.jpg thumb_253_trannydirty.jpg
thumb_253_tran.jpg thumb_253_body.jpg thumb_253_door.jpg thumb_253_enginehay.jpg
thumb_253_vin.jpg thumb_253_front.jpg thumb_253_blake1.jpg thumb_253_blakebug1.jpg
thumb_253_blakebug2.jpg thumb_253_blakebug3.jpg thumb_253_blakebug4.jpg thumb_253_blakescrewdriver.jpg
thumb_253_blakescrewdriver2.jpg thumb_253_blaketran.jpg thumb_253_bugscoot.jpg thumb_253_bugscoot2.jpg

VIN Number: 1166431
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 4355
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: 4279
Engine Number: 1396292
Date_of_Manufacture: May 19, 1956
Original Destination: San Francisco, CA
Current Location: Lincoln (near Sacramento), California
Body Color: L41-Black
Roof Color: L41-Black

Full Description: 4 Calling Birds, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a pear tree and is what I found living in this barn find. The fun part was haggling over the price with "Mr. Hainey" who was straight out of an episode of the old t.v. show "Green Acres." Oh yes, it's true, he is alive and well and still wheeling, dealing and peddling goods just like you remember on the show in the late 60's and early 70's . Parked in a barn since 1978. This thing was loaded (stuffed) with Owens-Corning "Pink Panther" insulation (primative sound dampener, I guess) and hay brought in from all sorts of nesting animals. Fertilzer anyone? Anyone? Matching original engine, original pan, original split-case trans, doors numbered #355, body #4355, rims date stamped 4/56, hood numbered #355 etc. Sekurit big logo glass. Old school two button Blaupunkt. Lemmerz beauty rings dated 2/56. Has Pre-A 356 vented Porsche drums on the front. Original dated drums on the rear. Wiring harness in excellent condition. Original black paint. I also found a bunch of coins (none dated past 1977.) Minor rust with some dents. Some small, some large. But hey, it's a fairly early all black 56' with matching everything (except seats-58/59 seats?) and 58/59 rear bulb holders. Has German "Moto-Meter" fuel / oil pressure / temp gauge which will be removed and dash hole repaired upon restoration. These must have been a popular "add" during this period Ghia in the states. I have seen many of these that were added to 56 & 57's. It also has an old school manual push-pump style windshield washer. This will also be removed and repaired to back original. Missing some trim and a few other doodads. California black plates. Vin# very close to Tanya's coupe from Cornwall and the other first boat Northern-California import listed. I was finally able to download pics. I also added some pictures of my head mechanic. You've got to get them trained early to pass on the VW gene. I couldn't help it so I added a couple pics of my 1959 Italian Series I Li150 Lambretta scooter and my 1956 Euro ragtop oval bug. I am currently in the process of a complete restoration to stock condition. russgbennett@gmail.com

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