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ID-32: Chance's '59 'vert

ConvertibleYear: 1959

My '59 'vert (WIP)
Front passenger side picture of my 'vert project.
My '59 'vert (WIP)

VIN Number: 2508653

Full Description: My 1959 cabriolet now sits on a later pan (1965) that sports a collapsible steering wheel and front disc brakes. The original pan was 2508653. I have rewired the main harness of the car with a few customisations to allow the use of an alternator as well as the addition of a few modern electrical conveniences. Under the deck lid, I (forcibly) added a fully balanced 1776 with big port heads and dual webber 40 IDF carbs terminating (for now) in a single quiet pack exhaust. After getting it running and fully functioning, I plan on leaving it like this with no plans whatsoever to return it to stock form. The 'vert frame and top (as well as a new paint job) will come into play later as funds are available.

I can't wait to drive it again!

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Listed by: vwhooligan

Info: I am currently working on a 1959 Karmann Ghia lowlight Cabriolet. It sits on a later (65-ish) pan with swing axle rear, disc front brakes and a 1776 with Dual 40 IDFs.