Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-390: 58 KG

CoupeYear: 1958

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VIN Number: 1851400
Original Destination: Gardena,CA
Current Location: Glendora,CA
Body Color: Aerosilver
Roof Color: Grey White

Full Description: I started the restoration of the beautiful Lowlight Ghia after this car was given to me last year. The prior owner bought it from the original owner in 1965. His kids wrecked it a time or two. It did get fixed by a very good body man. The only thing is the front was pushed in and they replaced it with a 60 front nose clip. I welded on the correct vents to make the front look original again. This car sat in the prior owners garage in Southern California since 1978. I put in a new battery hooked up a gas can and it started right up. Amazing I must say. 95% of the parts were already on the car. I decided to strip it myself and change the body clolor from Black to Aerosilver with a Grey White roof. It is looking very good I should have the paint on the lower part by end of January 2011. I rebuilt the engine and kept it stock which is the look I am going after. Here are a few pics.

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