Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-395: Karmann Ghia 1958 convertible

ConvertibleYear: 1958

thumb_395_dsc00438.jpg thumb_395_p1090066.jpg thumb_395_kouters.gestraald.feb.2010001.jpg thumb_395_p1090379.1.jpg
thumb_395_ghia.tom.1.mrt.2010011.jpg thumb_395_ghia.tom.1.mrt.2010012.jpg thumb_395_p1090384.1.jpg thumb_395_p1090385.1.jpg
thumb_395_p1090409.1.jpg thumb_395_p1090905.1.jpg thumb_395_p1110536.jpg thumb_395_p1110692.jpg
thumb_395_p1110682.jpg thumb_395_p1120306.jpg thumb_395_p1120303.jpg thumb_395_dsc00399.jpg
thumb_395_dsc00418.jpg thumb_395_img2806.jpg thumb_395_dsc00450.jpg thumb_395_dsc00451.jpg
thumb_395_dsc00466.jpg thumb_395_dsc00452.jpg thumb_395_dsc00448.jpg thumb_395_dsc00432.jpg
thumb_395_img2879.jpg thumb_395_img3039.jpg thumb_395_img3107.jpg thumb_395_img3108.jpg

VIN Number: 2011190
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 36971
Engine Number: 1354945
Date_of_Manufacture: 1958
Original Destination: USA
Current Location: Netherlands
Body Color: Bernina blue L431
Roof Color: Dark blue

Full Description: This KG re-entered The Netherlands on June 02-2000 after having stayed in California since initial delivery in USA.
Restoration was completed in June 2011. Engine, which was unfortunately not with the body, is from 1957 and was separately purchased and equipped with double carburators and OKRASA kit.

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