Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-450: abc123

CoupeYear: 1957

As it looks at the moment
thumb_450_bild4.jpg thumb_450_img2370.jpg thumb_450_2u5f909.jpg thumb_450_ghiadagett.jpg
thumb_450_ghiadagett1.jpg thumb_450_ghiadagett4.jpg thumb_450_img0748.jpg thumb_450_img0739.jpg
thumb_450_img0742.jpg thumb_450_img0766.jpg thumb_450_img0767.jpg thumb_450_ghiadagett2.jpg
thumb_450_bild8.jpg thumb_450_bild6.jpg thumb_450_post50427898001344783906thumb.jpg thumb_450_bild10.jpg
thumb_450_bild9.jpg thumb_450_bild5.jpg thumb_450_bild3.jpg thumb_450_img2172.jpg
thumb_450_img1280.jpg thumb_450_img2173.jpg thumb_450_img2168.jpg thumb_450_img2159.jpg
thumb_450_img2161.jpg thumb_450_img1137.jpg thumb_450_img2169.jpg

VIN Number: 1467793
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 15837
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: ?
Engine Number: Long gone...
Original Destination: Sweden
Current Location: Sweden
Body Color: Red
Roof Color: Chestnut brown

Full Description: A ghia 57, with wrong front end. It´s a highlight 57 :) or a Ghia 57 Zwitter...
Will get full restoration in a couple of years.
Bought it Yesterday. My plan is to start it up and drive as it is for some years, than restore it.
It´s really bad repared in the floor... But it´s rust free :)

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Listed by: lasslo

Info: I have a "Highlight" Ghia from 57 :)