Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-481: VIN 2390290

CoupeYear: 1959

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thumb_481_3717807.jpg thumb_481_3717808.jpg thumb_481_3717810.jpg thumb_481_3717811.jpg
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VIN Number: 2390290
Current Location: US
Body Color: Black
Roof Color: Black

Full Description: For sale on E-bay

1959 was the last year for low lights. This car a great example of beauty and reliability. Thanks to a powerfull 1600cc engine and a 12v system. New parts include: coil, clutch disk, pressure plate, throw out bearing, engine mouths and a new battery. The interior has a new seats. Car comes with original head liner(excellent condition) and door panels. They start to show their 52years of life, but they show well. Original rear view mirror, sun visor and glass. Many years ago a padded dash was glued to it, but no damage done. I have the original grab handle that goes with the car. Carpet is in good shape and radio is missing knobs. Glass and chrome trim in top shape, paint excellent and shinny. This car spend most of its 52years in Texas as I understand by the previous owner, only a small rust spot under battery tray. Floor pans look great. Nose shows old repairs but not heavy damage. Overall I will give this car 8/10 in appearance and reliability. I'm sure somebody could go in with a magnifying glass and find microscopic defects... but seriously this is a car that if you buy it you could drive it back to your state without hesitation.

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