Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-529: VIN 1-1015948

CoupeYear: 1955

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VIN Number: 1-1015948
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 797
Current Location: syria
Body Color: Red
Roof Color: Red

Full Description: once upon a time there was a happy marriage of tow Syrian people they decided to spend their honeymoon in Germany they did not know that they will fall in love there (with the Karmann Ghia !)
after finishing their honeymoon they did not want to leave there love behind
so the man bought a Karmann Ghia and they came back to syria in it
that was the happy part of the story ..the sad part is ..when the husband was speeding in the Streets of Aleppo City ..feeling how lucky is he to have the ONLY and VERY first Karmann Ghia in Syria an Unlucky boy was passing the street ...unaware ..or maybe seeing the Karmann Ghia just freezed him in his place and took him out of his mind ...sadly ..the Karmann Ghia beat that boy ..and he was hospitilized. And as a Reasult the Karmann ghia was parked for more than 15 years !
in that nighbour hood ..one boy seeing the car each day when he goes to school parked with dust and tree leaves on it ..he decided to buy it ,when he grew up ..he achived his dream and bought it ...after few years he bought another few cars ..and the Karmann ghia was sadly parked for long time again ..a Girl ..saw this car ..bought it ..Cusotmized it the way it is ..and then ..desided to go out of syria (yes ..you guessed why) ..the buyer was me my very first car my very fist VW i hope that it will not be parked again ..as long as am alive !
Sorry for taking long this is the real story of it

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