Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-57: 56

CoupeYear: 1956

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thumb_57_1370821.jpg thumb_57_1370822.jpg thumb_57_ghia_2.jpg How it was bought
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VIN Number: 1332900
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: 10451
Date_of_Manufacture: 03-Nov-1956
Current Location: uk
Body Color: spanish olive

Full Description: This is a stunning custom Ghia that was built in Southern California a few years back and it now resides in
England. The car has been featured in Hot VW's Magazine in April of 2004 and in Volksworld Magazine in April of 2005
and has won numerous top level awards. It is a very unique custom that has a true sense of class to it.

Not overbuilt and garish, just subtle colors, high quality and the best of the best.

In addition it features one of the plushest interiors I have ever seen in a VW and has air conditioning as well!
This was indeed a no holds barred type of project...pretty impressive.

The engine is a 2161cc unit built by Steve Bertram in California.
84mm Scat crank, 90.5 piston and cylinders, 044 CB Performance heads, Scat 1.25 ratio rockers.
Air conditioning system is very slick and well concealed. Custom exhaust system is a very slick hide-away set up.
Transmission is the legendary Berg 5...yes a 5 speed transmission. Porsche 944 4 wheel disc brakes,
adjustable beam and sway bars to enhance the handling.

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