Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

ID-591: 56' coupe

CoupeYear: 1956

thumb_591_kgrhqzp4fck3lt98bqycghpf6012.jpg thumb_591_kgrhqzrgfcd5bo45pbq0mjjf0j6012.jpg thumb_591_kgrhqvh8fdf2zdbnbq0mjpybkg6012.jpg thumb_591_kgrhqfhjdmfdpzqez6zbq0mimoto6012.jpg
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VIN Number: 1350061
Body Number (behind the spare tire):: 11120
Karmann Tag Number (56,57 & some 58s): K01011/: 1088
Current Location: Golden, Co
Body Color: Black
Roof Color: Black

Full Description: Just purchased on Ebay 12/27/12. Title shows it being a 57', but the vin# is too low and the vent knobs are located on each end of the dash, like the 56' Ghias. They are not the toggle that's on the driver side, but 2 white knobs at each end of the dash. With this information and the very early vin#, this is a 56' Ghia.

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Listed by: Schatz