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ID-690: Stepdads ol' 58

CoupeYear: 1958

Stepdads 58 Ghia
I am most grateful for the passing of the torch to me. This is the very car I learned how to drive in. The very car I got my 1st speeding ticket in.
Stepdads 58 Ghia thumb_690_58ghia23.jpg thumb_690_58ghia24.jpg thumb_690_58ghia.jpg
thumb_690_58ghia2.jpg thumb_690_58ghia3.jpg thumb_690_58ghia4.jpg thumb_690_58ghia5.jpg
thumb_690_58ghia6.jpg thumb_690_58ghia7.jpg thumb_690_58ghia8.jpg thumb_690_58ghia9.jpg
thumb_690_58ghia10.jpg thumb_690_58ghia11.jpg thumb_690_58ghia12.jpg thumb_690_58ghia13.jpg
thumb_690_58ghia14.jpg thumb_690_58ghia15.jpg thumb_690_58ghia16.jpg thumb_690_58ghia17.jpg
thumb_690_58ghia18.jpg thumb_690_58ghia19.jpg thumb_690_58ghia20.jpg Bottom of Spare tire well?nose. Suprisingly not too bad. Nose looks really good.
thumb_690_img20161112162731.jpg thumb_690_img20161112162738.jpg

VIN Number: 1741495
Engine Number: N/A
Date_of_Manufacture: Dec 9 1957
Original Destination: Nerumberg, Germany
Current Location: California
Body Color: Tukan Black

Full Description: My step dad's 58' passed down to me after sitting for 13 years. Rusty, I'll get her running but searching for funds to send her to House of Ghia. Just ordered birth certificate last week. Will update when that arrives. Birth certificate arrived today.

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Listed by: Dale Erskine

Info: I am so blessed to receive my stepdads old 1958 Karmann Ghia. He helped me get my first VW on the road, and this was his baby back then. It was always a joy when he let me drive it on some ial occasions, like prom night, and many others! It's quite rusty. Need both pan halves, and a passenger rear quarter panel. Battery section too.