ID-783: 59 aerosilver coupe

CoupeYear: 1959

thumb_783_33e2eef571724c52ba892cd9b0efbe19.jpeg thumb_783_e771c38971f945ffbee4fc6e4732ea9a.jpeg thumb_783_b9cb79b602564badb0d41a1149af8862.jpeg thumb_783_c5cf4d9ac0b945b483a1db7baedecc60.jpeg
thumb_783_f9ba5c274a3d4323ac740af6e61fb5b2.jpeg thumb_783_6a9e0e48707141eb98f962b6bb7fe233.jpeg thumb_783_09d8578e2f0a4949ad0885185158e565.jpeg thumb_783_a4861d4c43c648b2903f287cc7030fc4.jpeg
thumb_783_ec71c690fe3040a39966006460c33817.jpeg thumb_783_6c0e30ff05ec42ff81b507553fda96e2.jpeg thumb_783_9169adaa55264d97b02ae626a760864c.jpeg

VIN Number: 2390606
Engine Number: -
Date_of_Manufacture: 29 April 1959
Original Destination: Charleston, USA
Current Location: UK
Body Color: L248 aerosilver
Roof Color: L281 grey white

Full Description: Original owners San Diego area. Stored in the 90's after an engine fire, rescued in 2018 and restored (modified). Now with 2276cc CB Performance engine, Air Ride, Porsche 911 dash and gauges etc etc. Painted Porsche Amethyst Pearl metallic and Basalt Black roof

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