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ID-92: 59' Convertible

ConvertibleYear: 1958

thumb_92_59kghia640_1.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_3.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_4.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_5.jpg
thumb_92_59kghia640_6.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_11.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_12.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_14.jpg
thumb_92_59kghia640_15.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_20.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_16.jpg thumb_92_59kghia640_18.jpg

VIN Number: 1956025
Current Location: Gifu, Japan

Full Description: More to come, I just bought it today! I'm an American living in Gifu, Japan. I already brought my 57' custom camper Microbus from California to here! The new Ghia is a present for my beautiful wife. She deserves it for putting up with my bus mania.....

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Listed by: jj7212

Info: I am an American (former US Marine) living in Gifu, Japan with my Japanese wife and two boys. I have a late 57' custom camper microbus, but today I bought my wife a late 58' (early 59') Ghia convertible. It came from Cali courtesy of FLAT 4 Japan. The one owner here sold it 'cause he wants a Type III Ghia. I can't believe I got a good steal on this car cause' it is about 95% original (minus paint and uphostery). Original engine and all. (70's tranny and CSP front disc brakes). I hope to make my wife happy for putting up with my Type II habits for the past 8 years.