Karmann-ghia Lowlight Registry

The information in the page is the work of Chris Carr and is copied from the lowlight UK site

Chris did a great work in gathering information about the lowlight ghia and shared it with the rest of the world. Unfortunately the forum was crashed and Chris coundn't continue the work. 

Chris agreed to post the information on this site and the work will be continued.

10.1 Factory Options
Factory Options that could be ordered by your dealer

Hood Colour
A black hood was an available option for all Lowlight Cabs, bar the Pearl White Cab (black hood only)

For Cabs, the all-leatherette seats seem to be fitted as standard
with the cloth insert as the option
This is the reverse of the Lowlight Coupe

1. Golde
Metal sunroof
Apparently the Cab was so in demand that some purchasers (particlarly home-market buyers?) had to settle for a sunroof
An expensive alternative, so very rare


2. Webasto
Fabric sunroof

Tonneau Cover

Whitewall Tyres (extra cost)
These were Continental tyres tbc

10.2 Accessories
Period accessories that were available for your Lowlight

Fake Grill

Judson/Judson Scoop


Louvre Trim Embellishers

Parcel Shelf

Sapphire I?
Big M Motorola?

Radio Aerial
Hirschmann Red Tip
VW stamped?

Seat Recliner

For the ll driver with long arms?

VDO Tachometer
VDO Pressure Gauge
VDO Speedometer
Wind Wings

10.3 Repop Shop
Do you know of an excellent repro Lowlight part?
Where ‘Good Enough Isn’t’?
Let me know, & I’ll post it here
(OG parts are still out there though!)

The Karmann Ghia Company of Australia
Several top parts correct for Lowlights, from Jerry Heldt
Prices as at June 06, Australian dollars (AUD), and do not
include Goods and Services Tax (only for Australian customers)

Home page:

General parts page:

Horn Push Badge, 1958 version
Metal version - can fit to a 1959 (although strictly should be plastic)


Side ‘Eared’ Badge
Lowlight only


Decklid Script
Pre 64 (larger)


Hinge Covers (metal)

Hinge Covers, galvanized steel 141-867-305AL/306AR handmade. $196.80AUD
Hinge Covers, covered in waffle material, coloured to your choice $423AUD
(should JH supply your Door panel waffle material at the same time?)

Hood Chrome Trim x 3
Includes the rare front

Moulding, Top Header 141-871-491 Moulding, Rear Bow 141-871-425A Moulding, Rear Support 141-871-431 Each piece is handmade, and the Installation Tool is included

Windscreen/Rear Screen Chrome Trim Clips

Cab Hood Crank Handle Label

Make sure you get the arrows are facing the right way
$4.50AUD each

Factory Inspection Stickers

Stick to the brake reservoir shelf
$4.50AUD each

Cab Rear Seat Restraining Strap Knob & Screw

Slid brass/chromed, 141-885-561B, $45.50

Door panels

Door Trim Panels Cabriolet in fibre board (moldings extra) $1059AUD
Door Trim Panels Cabriolet in ABS (moldings extra) $1185AUD
Made by Kevin Ferguson for Jerry Heldt

Waffle Material

For the Hood Mechanism Hinge Covers/Door Panel central area/Sunvisors

Dash grill
Bpost rear side window (forward vertical) trim

John Lemke, USA
Rubber Floor mats (4 flat footwell sections)

John Copello, Metalworks, USA
Horn push mounting hardware kit tbc

Front grills

Brezelworks, USA
Seat knobs/Dash knobs/Winder handle knobs/Heater knob

From Germany, shop tbc
White rear seat check strap (Coupe only – short version)

Repro Lowlight parts needed! 

    Bulkhead mat
    Sill mats
    Horn push (metal & plastic)
    Horn badge (plastic)
    Cab rear seat strap (white)