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Karmann-Ghia Sales Brochures.

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Nr: 8-55/2 TN 214 -2,5 (German)

Nr: 8-55/2 TN 214a - 2,5  (German)

Aug 1955

This is the first "brochure" that was released for the Karmann-ghia. The brochure was made for the VW garages to introduce the Karmann-ghia and his technical data.

Size: 30*21 cm 19 pages

  • Nr:8-55/2TN 214 -1,4 (French)
  • Nr:8-55/2TN 214 -2,5 (German)
  • Nr:8-55/2TN 214 -3,8 E (English)

There is also with a different front page. The content is for 99% the same as the other. Only the tire pressure is more specified as in the full black brochures

  • Nr: 8-55/2 TN 214 -2,5 (German)

A german KG club made a reprint for this brochure.

Nr: 8-55/2 TN 214 -3,8 E (English)

Nr: 8-55/2 TN 214 -1,4 (French)



1955/56 English and German Sales Brochure

Size: 30*21 cm  The German brochure has a small foll-out

This is the first real salesbrochure with shows a black car on the front on the back 2 additional pictures that were not in introduction brochure for the VW garages. The brochure is released by Wilhelm Karmann G.M.B.H and not by Volkswagen.

Beware: In 1991 this brochures had a reprint.


Dutch brochure

1955/56  Dutch Sales Brochure

The Dutch brochure shows the side view of the black car and also pictures of the white car.  The picture of the back of the car that is shown on the back of the brochure was not used in other early brochures.

I have seen twee different styles in the front. One with the importer PON mentioned on the front and one without.



1955/56 Swedish Sales Brochure

This one page Swedish brochure shows a two tone car on the front and further pictures of the black and white car that were also used in the other early sales brochures.

I have seen twee different styles in the back. One with the name Motorwerker and one without.




1955/56 Danish Flyer

This is probably the first brochure/flyer made for the Danish market.  


UK brochure

1955/56 UK dealer brochure

This is the first brochure/flyer made for the UK Market, released by Colborne Garage Ltd market.  

Nr: W7/91 (German)

Nr: 56-419. 6.000 6. 56. (Swedish)


1956 Sales Brochure by Reuters

Size: 31*18,5 cm folded and 31* 51 unfolded 

  • Nr: W7/91 (German)
  • Nr: W7/91E (English)
  • Nr: 56-419. 6.000 6. 56. (Swedish)

This brochure is published by Karmann and not VW

Like the Owners manuals, the early brochures had the Karmann logo and not the Karmann-ghia signed logo.

Nr: W7/91E (English)

Nr: W7/92 (German)

Nr 6000 1.56 56-409 (Swedish)
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1956 Sales Brochure

Size: 21*10 cm folded and 21* 20 unfolded

  • Nr: W7/92 (German) 
  • Nr: W7/92E (English)
  • Nr: W7/92f (French)
  • Nr 6000 1.56 56-409 (Swedish)

Again a brochure released by Karmann and not VW.

Nr: W7/92E (English)

Nr: W7/92F (French)
Need scans

Nr: W7/113 (German)

Nr: W7/113 57-408 (Swedish)

1957 Sales Brochure

Size: 31*18,5 cm folded and 31* 51 unfolded

  • Nr: W7/113 (German)
  • Nr: W7/113E (English)
  • Nr: W7/113 57-408 (swedish) 

First "VW" Sales Brocure. In this brochure, the VW logo is used for the first time and at the backcover Volkswagen is mentioned in stead on Wilhelm Karmann on the previous brochures. Also the Karmann-ghia logo is used. 

Nr: W7/113E (English)

Nr: W7/118 (German)

Nr: W7/118f (French)
Need scans

1957 Flyer

Size: 21*10 cm folded and 21* 28,5 unfolded

  • Nr: W7/118 (German)
  • Nr: W7/118E (English)
  • Nr: W7/118f (French)

Small flyer with the same pictures as his bigger brother, but the text is slightly different. 

Nr: W7/118E (English)

Nr: W2/48 (German)
Need scans

Nr: W2/48s (Spanish)
Need scans

1958/1959 Flyer

Size: 21*10 cm folded and 21* 39,5 unfolded

  • Nr: W2/48 (German)
  • Nr: W2/48 EC (English)
  • Nr: W2/48s (Spanish)

Small Flyer for the new 58 model. 

Nr: W2/48 EC (English)

Nr: W1/23 (German) and
Nr: W1/23/8.58 Ex (Netherlands)

Nr: 2362 58 (Danish)

1958 /1959 Sales Brochure

Size: 30*21 cm, 10 pages

  • Nr: W1/23 (German)
  • Nr: W1/23/8.58 Ex (In German, but used for The Netherlands )
  • Nr: W1/24/8.58 (English)
  • Nr: 2362 58 (Danish) 
  • Nr: W1/23/8.58F (French) 

Famous sales brochure with drawings from the hand of Reuters.  

Nr: W1/24/8.58 (English)

Nr: W1/24/8.58 (French)

Karmann Publications



Presse-information map released for the 37 International Automobil Ausstellung Frankfurt/Main

Wilhelm Karmann was present here with two Coupe's. One in Black and one in Eidechgrun/dunkelgrun



Presse-information map released for the 38 International Automobil Ausstellung Frankfurt/Main

This one is for the Introduction for the Karmann-Ghia Convertible. There were pages in German and in English and some pictures.  


Karmann Brochure with only one small picture from a Karmann Ghia


Karmann brochure were the karmann-ghia car is described.