Last Modified Listing Feed Coupe 1957 Njg5LTIwMTctMDgtMDEgMTM6MjQ6MzU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Model 143, originally delivered in The Netherlands.]]> 1958 convertible NTIwLTIwMTctMDctMzEgMDc6NTM6MjY= no photo]]> Karmann Ghia Racecar NzA1LTIwMTctMDctMjQgMDI6MDE6NDg= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Bought this ex racer in april 2016 from collector Myron Vernis. Its a blue LL build in 1957. Modified probably VERY shortly thereafter. <br /> <br /> Car runs a 1957 356A engine, wheels and brakes. Has a full rollcage and single bucket seat. Modified bumpers, extra speedway style lights on the parcel tray etc. <br /> <br /> Racing was done under number 11. The original helmet is with the car. ]]> VIN 1754525 NzAxLTIwMTctMDctMjAgMjA6MTc6NTI= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;New owner]]> yes NTQ5LTIwMTctMDctMTUgMDg6MTc6MDY= Daylight Again<span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;current restoration project. I've owned this complete car for more than 20 years]]> Clear NzA0LTIwMTctMDYtMTggMjA6MzY6MDA= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Barn find near Oklahoma City. Sat for over 25 years! Numbers matching Vin and Tag. Original Color Berina Blue]]> VIN 1354283 NzAzLTIwMTctMDUtMTYgMjI6MjI6MTg= ]]> 1166404 MTAxLTIwMTctMDUtMDIgMDg6NDg6Mzk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Matching numbers, Supplied by Charles Weiss, New York. Currently in resto... :-)<br /> <br /> SWF washer bottle, Dehne Fuel Gauge.]]> VIN 1564987 NzYtMjAxNy0wNC0wMiAyMDo1MTowOQ== <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Currently undergoing restoration back to L330. <br /> <br /> Vintage accessories include: <br /> Original Hazet tool kit, VDO 5K Tach, Motometer 3 in 1 gauge (installed 12/57), Roller pedal conversion, Kienzle ashtray clock]]> VIN 2336100 NzAwLTIwMTctMDMtMTkgMjI6MDk6MTc= ]]> VIn 1472693 Njk5LTIwMTctMDMtMTkgMjI6MDA6NTE= ]]> modified 58 vert NTUyLTIwMTctMDEtMDUgMTI6NDc6MTk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;also see ID-40: modified 58 vert. (because it's the same car!)<br /> <br /> I've bought the car in July 2008 in New Mexico, and drove it home over Route 66 with no problems (about 1000 miles). Although some mods have been made to the body, it is a solid, straight and rigid vert. Don't hate me for the mod's; they were done a very long time before I came into my Ghia's life. I will nurture it forever because I really love it! Engine is a 1500 single port (bit more power than the original 30 PK). I'm enjoying it during the summers and doing it up in the winters bit by bit. The body mods will remain for now so I can enjoy the Ghia on the road like it's ment to be; the body work that was done in the past is of very decent quality. Since it was a New Mexico car, the top was not there, so now it will not see any rain before I've installed a new top. I've painted the inside and underside of the floors in Rust-O-leum (cream color), along with all 4 wheel wells: no more rust for ever! I've put disc brakes up front (came with dropped spindles) with dual master cylinder to enhance safety in modern traffic. Also installed a passenger side mirror. Bumpers are stainless steel. Rear discs are planned for this winter (2012) and the Fuchs will stay on it (4.5J in the front and 5.5J in the rear). I will probably replace the taillights back to the originals eventually (i have them, along with the metal inserts), add the rear bumper. But I'll leave the engine lid as is (it's kinda cool and unique like the early 356 style). The front nose was not bondo-ed (there has been no accident damage or dented nose at all), but they have just removed the ridge in the middle and have welded metal back; I'll leave that as is too, because it does not look bad at all and it does'nt distract of the lines of the car too much. The porsche 914 seats sit lower than the original seats, so for the driver's experience I'll leave them in (I'll cut off the head rests, then they will look a bit like the old 356 speedster seats). I'm collecting all missing parts and putting them back on, including the top which was m.i.a. when I got the car. All in all it's a pretty complete driver (that was the goal, because with the body mods, i'm not going make it into a show car without way too many $), and I really enjoy it as such. It's fun to drive and will continu to get better and more original as time goes by. Curious detail: this car was originally delivered to the Netherlands before it was shipped to the USA. No big deal i hear you think, but the interesting part is that I was born and raised in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I moved oversees and am now living in the USA at the moment (and loving it) since a few years, but one day I'll bring this cool lowlight vert back to the Netherlands so it can again be on the soil were it drove its very first miles (yes, miles, not kilometers, since it was a US export model that was eventually going to the USA, and therefore it was ordered with a US speedometer in miles... although it did get to spend some quality time on the winding Dutch open roads first) when it was delivered back in 1958 in its original "perl-weiss" color.<br /> <br /> Update 8/2012: summer is on its retreat, but still love the joy of open touring. The vert needs to share its spot under the sun with my 1965 westy split bus, because I also like to camp out and Volkswagen intended other iconic models than Ghia's for that. Oh yeah, I've ordered a stainless steel exhaust to replace the 4-tip one that was on there when I got it (it sounds great, but doesn't look right, and the rear bumper does not fit on that way, so it has to go),..... to be continued!<br /> 9 april 2013: finally found a decent '58 horn ring assembly, yes! hoping to put the rear disc brakes (airkwld) on soon now and enjoy spring... I will be installing the tach that I've put together, and also I've sourced a kohler clock to go into the fuel gauge hole. I will use 2 other gauges for the fuel and oil temp, they will go somewhere else. Since i'm from the Netherlands, i got a lowlight KM/h speedo. But as long as the car is in the US, I will keep the lowlight Mls/h speedo in the dash.<br /> May 2013: I got a nice dash vase, with a red rose on it. And also a hella red tip blinker switch. Thinking about mounting a hella spot light....<br /> June 2013: I've got the spot light, but will not mount it yet. I also bought a flip-up night visor for the inside rearview mirror. And I've gotten a steering column ignition lock which will go on the column some day, and then a red emergency switch will go in place of the current ignition switch location. The cockpit is slowly starting to look like something nice. I haven't driven it lately though...<br /> August 2013: I'm moving from sweet home Chicago(USA) back to The Netherlands, and guess what will come along with me...<br /> August 2015: life sometimes is busy.... haven't driven the car since August 2013; so it's been exactly 2 years... I did score some European headlight units which are needed to be legal on the Dutch roads.<br /> January 2017: Time flies, I still haven't driven the car in the Netherlands.... currently I'm reviving a Zwitter beetle. It's all good for the little red one: the Ghia is sitting in a dry garage and I fire it up every once and a while to keep it alive.<br /> <br /> cheers, <br /> Tisius ]]> 56 Coupe NjMwLTIwMTYtMTItMTMgMTk6NTI6NTg= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Came with Porsche 356 running gear from prevoius owner (brakes, transaxle, engine) in San Jose, CA. Restoring with all original parts. Came with original one piece bumpers with gaurds and original interior, original paint on interior panels and inside hood and engine compartment. Came with single visor which looks original, but may not be. Recently purchased a Shorrock supercharged 40Hp Okrasa head engine to install when I begin completing the resto.]]> 55 Coupe NTM3LTIwMTYtMTEtMjYgMTg6NTE6MTM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Still working, some pogress]]> Stepdads ol' 58 NjkwLTIwMTYtMTEtMTMgMDE6MjI6MDI= Stepdads 58 Ghia<span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;My step dad's 58' passed down to me after sitting for 13 years. Rusty, I'll get her running but searching for funds to send her to House of Ghia. Just ordered birth certificate last week. Will update when that arrives. Birth certificate arrived today.]]> VIN 2292452 Mjk3LTIwMTYtMTEtMDYgMjE6MjM6Mjg= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp; This black lowlight was build on February 18, 1959 and transported the 27, to New York. After transport from NY, it arrived in the Netherlands on November 19, 2008 after being in a US Showroom for 40 years<br /> After full restoration by Fred Sijm and Albert van Engelenhoven it is now in mint condition The restoration was based on full recovery to the original state. The new sections are in NOS implementation (for example the rib dashtop) or replica to the original model. For example, the rubber lining and the upholstery (of Trimtec). A Judson supercharger is mounted as well as the scoop and pressure gauge. There is a Philips in car record player connected to the Bendix Sapphire radio. All 1959. I am the happy and privileged owner since 2015.]]> early 1956 Njk4LTIwMTYtMTEtMDYgMjE6MTc6NDQ= ]]> VIN 1327705 Njk3LTIwMTYtMTAtMjEgMjA6MzE6NDk= ]]> Project Njk2LTIwMTYtMTAtMjAgMTM6MjI6NTQ= ]]> VIN 2100020 Njk1LTIwMTYtMTAtMTcgMjE6MTM6NDE= ]]> VIN 1277114 NjkzLTIwMTYtMDktMjkgMjA6MDY6MDg= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Der Karmann Chia ist seit ca. 18 Jahren in meinem Besitz und ich habe ihn aus 1.Hand (Schweiz) übernommen. Das Fahrzeug ist vor ca. 14 Jahren restauriert worden. Lack / Dichtungen etc. Das Fahrzeug ist fast im Orginalzustand und eines der ersten Karmann Chias die produziert und ausgeliefert worden sind (Sept.1956). Das Modell ist ein L Modell (Luxus = incl. Radio und Aschenbecher mit Anzünder). Der Lack (Diamantgrün Metallic) ist die Orginalfarbe der Werksproduktion. Der Karmann Typ 1/14 hat keinen Rost (eine kleine Stelle am hintern Nummerschild / äusserlich) und ist nicht gespachtelt worden. Der Zustand ist sehr gut. Die Fahrgestellnummer lautet 1277114. Die Bekleidung an den Innentüren müssten gemacht werden. ( Sattlerarbeit ) Der technische Zustand ist einwandfrei. Tüv und ASU sind neu. ]]> VIn 1631658 Njk0LTIwMTYtMDktMjkgMjA6MDU6Mzc= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale: <br /> <br /> Sold new in Germany to an American soldier who brought it home to Hawaii in the late -50's. The car were in the family from 1958 to 2009 when it was sold to Texas. In Texas, it was from 2009 to 2013 when it was sold to Seattle. 2015 I bought and imported it to Sweden from Seattle so very few owners on it. The car has been renovated sometime during 2005-2009 in Hawaii where the car was completely overhauled and painted green. I can not see any body repairs whatsoever on the body or on the pan. Gaps between doors, fenders and trunk are very good and also the windows in the doors fit well, you don't see that often at Ghias. Engine: 1600cc dual Weber 40 otherwise everything is standard. Vintage Speed. Exhaustsystem with heatexchanges and fully functional heating. Transmissions from the beetle 1300 with freeway flyer ratio 3:88 and synced first gear. Brakes: Disc brake in the front and drums in rear, everything new as cylinders, tubes, hoses and mastercylinder. Wheels: RDW 5x15 inch alloy wheels with new 145/65-15 front and 185/65-15 rear Michelin Chassis: Puma front adjusible suspension shortened 2 ". Rear suspension lowered two inner notch. Electrical: Converted to 12V and has a compleatly new wiering , new 55A alternator. Interior: seats and all carpets, door panels, seatcovers are new. Paintjob: there is two or three small scratches, however, was many years ago it was renovated now, the overall impression is stunning, there is no rust or bad repairs so it must have been in good condition before it was renovated. New stainless steel bumpers. ]]> 1959 Lowlight Coupe NjkyLTIwMTYtMDgtMjMgMjI6MDI6MzQ= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;After 30 years in a Post Office garage just outside of San Francisco USA the car traveled to Europe and onto UK. It arrived in good shape bodywise and is about to undergo complete restoration here in the UK. Will update details as I go.]]> VIN 1995480 NjkxLTIwMTYtMDgtMjMgMjA6MTM6NTA= ]]> Brett Anderson NTAyLTIwMTYtMDgtMTkgMDQ6Mjg6MjU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;The car is partially dismantled but a mostly rust free example that has been stored for the last 12 years. Converted to Right Hand Drive.<br /> Interior is complete most correct parts collected and now assembling rotisserie for body restoration.]]>